Veterinarians Asked for Soluble Powders, Solvet Delivers
Developed for the growing and competitive poultry, swine and cattle industry. Neomycin is known to be effective against E. coli and other bacteria found in the digestive system. Solvet Neomycin SP is effective, non-clumping and dissolves rapidly.

Chickens and turkeys: As an aid in the treatment of Bluecomb or transmissible enteritis in turkeys, bacterial enteritis, enteritis associated with chronic respiratory disease (CRD) and other neomycin-sensitive infections in chickens and turkeys.
Swine, cattle, sheep and horses: As an aid in the treatment of scours (bacterial enteritis).

Available in Three Sizes
Single Dose 100 g Pouch
Convenient 5 Kg Pail
Economical 10 Kg Pail