New Pails with Hinged Lids
Solvet now has easy storage pails that are convenient, tamper-evident, stackable, and space-efficient.  With the lid securely attached, simply pull the tamper evident tear strip allowing access to the built in hinge. Then grab the lid firmly and pull up for scoop access. Push lid down firmly after use to close.

Be Ready for Scours
Contains the essential ingredients for calf rehydration - Glycine, dextrose, acetate, electrolytes. HE for High Energy, adds an extra amount of sugar energy to really get your calves up and moving. HE is designed for maximum absorption following oral administration

Product Details
No clumping or caking
Dissolves rapidly
Contains stabilized glycine that resist degradation
Glycine is a key ingredient for the transportation of water and electrolytes from the gut into the blood

AVL Electrolyte Powder HE is a water additive-electrolyte powder for use as an aid in the treatment and prevention of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, acidosis and as a supplementary nutrient source for new born calves with diarrhea.

Available in Four Sizes
Single Dose 185 g Pouch
Easy to Carry 2 Kg Pail
Convenient 4 Kg Pail
Economical 10 Kg Pail